Saturday, March 13, 2010

Souls that have been Soaked in Tears

My Papa (along with my Mom - we read this all together, with my girls, on our "peeks of Lake Michigan views" front porch) gave me this awesome devotional shortly before he died called "Come Away My Beloved" by Frances J. Roberts.

The following is taken from it ... I'm actually transcribing the following (so you know I REALLY want to share it, ;) from excerpts of the chapter called Hold Fast.

I think it might speak to some of you, it has to me ... xoxoxo

Hold fast that which you have, and let no one take your crown.
Let no one hinder you in pursuit of the reward.
Let nothing stand in the way of your complete victory.
Let no weariness or discouraging thought cause you to loosen the rope of faith, but bind it tighter and anchor fast to My Word.

My Word can never fail, yes, and I will fulfill all My good promises. Have I not said, "He who seeks finds" (Matthew 7:8)? And have I not promised to reward those who diligently seek Me (Hebrews 11:6)?

Not the dilatory seeker, but the diligent seeker. Not the one whose seeking is in reality only wishing, but the one who has grown so intent in his quest, so wholly absorbed, that he is unaware in his toiling of the sweat upon his brow.

Never stifle the cry in your heart. God put it there.

God puts no special premium on our being perennial spiritual Pollyannas.

His joy springs forth most abundantly in souls that have been soaked in tears.

Not the tears of self-pity -never- but the tears of devotion and longing for him.

Weep. But when you weep, weep in His arms.

Doubt if you must, but candidly tell Him your doubts.

You will be surprised how quickly they will melt away.

His love and His smile will dispel every doubt as silently and surely as sunshine removes frost.

You cannot look in His face and doubt at the same time!

For PapAmore', Arend 'Odee' Lenderink