Friday, July 22, 2011

The Whisper of Hope I Long to Hear

I still hear you whisper His hope into my ear ... you never really left us, you never really will ...

And while I slowly inch my way towards somewhat being able to minutely understand His plan ... my heart still misses our Papa, my thoughts at times still pester me with what ifs and if only.

I miss your laugh, I miss your teasing, your goofy just like me. Our inside jokes and endless banter, the dumb humor that often only we could see.

I miss the walks, your midafternoon "pop-ins". I miss having sparkling clean windows, recently fresh coats of paint, an impeccably swept front porch and neatly edged yard.

I miss your oil change reminders (oh my word, I think I'm past due), your put it in perspective talks.

I so painfully much miss the way you loved and cared for my girls ... that's what hurts the most of all ... that's what I know I'll never get - why were they jipped out of so many years with you? How ever can I even begin to pass on to them all that you have given to me?

Please whisper His hope to me again, Papa?

I miss life without you missing.

Whispering Hope lyrics

Soft as the voice of an angel
Breathing a lesson unheard
Hope with a gentle persuasion
Whispers a comforting word

Wait till the darkness is over
Wait till the tempest is done
Hope for the sunshine tomorrow
After the shower is gone

Whispering hope
Oh, how welcome, thy voice
Making my heart
In its sorrow rejoice

If in the dusk of the twilight
Dimmed be the region afar
Willn't deepening darkness
Brighten the glimmering star

Then when the night is upon us
Why should the heart sink away?
When the dark midnight is over
Watch for the breaking of day

Whispering hope,
Oh, how welcome, thy voice
Making my heart
In its sorrow rejoice

Whispering hope,
Oh, how welcome, thy voice
Making my heart
In its sorrow rejoice

(Thank Donald Ross for the reminder of the hope whispered from Him ... praying with that hope that your missing son will soon be found -

For PapAmore', Arend 'Odee' Lenderink

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Have Thy Own Way, Lord ~ So Sang Your Life

You didn't just sing this song - you lived these lyrics ... you've given us so much - more than enough to truly and completely still have you here.

Thanks for pointing us towards Him ... see you in heaven, Papa ... xoxoxoxo

For PapAmore', Arend 'Odee' Lenderink

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Fireworks - Bitterweet Beauty Without You Here

For PapAmore', Arend 'Odee' Lenderink