Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ari the "Cry Kidder"


For PapAmore', Arend 'Odee' Lenderink

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ari Orange Wagasky is my Son Forever and Always

I have decided to reclaim my son from grief, loss and pain. Before this little boy blessed anyone else here on earth - I got to carry him inside of me for the 9 months prior. My entire being was formed and created to carry my child with me forever - anything anyone else thinks, feels and desires regarding our Ari Orange now is void. *I trump any thoughts from anyone else - because I am Ari's Mama.* I have every right in the universe and above to speak, share about, wallpaper our entire house with his photo and megaphone his name to the world - now - then and always. He is the gift from God specifically given to his father and I. We chose his name and we also choose how Ari will be carried now - and our choice, affirmed by our Father above, is to carry ARI actively, visibly, audibly and presently forever. No one else's opinion on our son matters - no one can nor ever could silence the bright beaming Hope of Heaven so radiantly beaming from the ALIVE AND WITH JESUS forever presence of our little man. Thank you Jesus for so richly forever blessing my entire being with Ari Orange - ♥♥ I will never move on from our boy - I will live - I will have joy and I will carry him WITH ME always and forever. To Ari Orange Wagasky - my son always and forever and For PapAmore', Arend 'Odee' Lenderink

Thursday, March 6, 2014

arend jack thomas: Arend 'Ari' and Nana

arend jack thomas: Arend 'Ari' and Nana: I could talk about Ari stories forever - his lovable, adventurous, hilarious, smart and one of a kind self provided us with many memories...