Sunday, March 18, 2012

save a place for me


Not long ago you left me,
I didn't know what I would do,
But after crying, I thought,
Of the memories I have of you.

Memories keep me alive,
Memories keep me sane,
Sometimes I forget you died,
Sometimes it is etched in my brain.

If I died now I would join you,
But I know I have to wait,
Nothing is that simple,
I would rather rely on fate.

Maybe, if I hold on for a while,
I will overcome my fears,
Holding on will make seeing you again special,
It will be worth all of the tears.

I believe that you are in heaven now,
And I want to join you someday,
I am trying to live my life like you lived yours,
That's all I ever pray.

No one can come between us now,
I will just have to wait and see,
No one misses you more than I do,
Remember to save a place for me.

Copyright © 2000 Anne Fletcher

For PapAmore', Arend 'Odee' Lenderink

He Only Takes The Best

Sometimes the greatest people on earth 
Are the ones who are taken away.
The greatest smiles, the greatest hearts, 
We beg and plead to stay. 

But sometimes the unexpected will happen, 
And sadly there's nothing to do. 
Just sit idly by, and wait and cry, 
And curse this nightmare come true. 

Sometimes encouraging words are exchanged, 
And most of the time we shed tears, 
And we look on in awe of the greatest strength 
Attempting to beat all our fears. 

And when you last hugged your greatest hug,
You knew it might be your last. 
But you threw out the thought and closed your eyes, 
Because it "can't be happening this fast." 

When you come to the end of this greatest fight, 
You'll see this person who cared. 
And you'll know he's forgiven you for all the bad times, 
And loves you for all that you've shared. 

It seems sometimes the greatest people on earth 
Must endure the most difficult things. 
That's because this world has been harsh enough... 
And they look better in angel wings.

Terry Greiner

For PapAmore', Arend 'Odee' Lenderink